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Hot off the heels of their latest single ‘Easier’, our fave Aussie lads Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford aka ‘5 Seconds Of Summer’ dropped by PopBuzz HQ, and we grilled them on everything from their new album to the mysterious symbolism of their new music video👀


🇦🇺their new look/label
🇦🇺taking the learnings from ‘youngblood’ and how that’s been applied to the new album
🇦🇺if they feel pressure to get away from a ‘teen band’ image
🇦🇺wanting to be a band with a vast variety of different music
🇦🇺how important and knowledgable their teen fans are
🇦🇺the symbolism in their new music video for ‘easier’
🇦🇺how ashton came up with the symbols for the new era and what they mean
🇦🇺if they’re going to get the new symbols tattooed
🇦🇺luke might get some tattoos soon
🇦🇺the rumour that ashton’s drumsticks in the ‘easier’ video are a gift from slipknot
🇦🇺being inspired by metal bands and nine inch nails for their new music
🇦🇺their new album being very diverse musically
🇦🇺having a lot of songs done but not having the tracklist done yet
🇦🇺they’ve written around 30 songs for the new album atm
🇦🇺there’s a common thread and theme running through the new album
🇦🇺(but it’s not a concept album)
🇦🇺they haven’t decided on the title yet

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