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We are a New York Emmy nominated community television network that’s all about the people, so it’s only fitting that we introduced a People’s Choice category for the 2016 B Free Awards. Vote for your favorite show that has aired on Brooklyn Free Speech by hitting the “thumbs up/like button” button above.

We are extremely proud to announce People’s Choice, a new B Free Awards category which is powered, programmed, and chosen by you— the people! You’ve watched great shorts, documentaries, and TV shows on Brooklyn Free Speech all year long and now’s the opportunity to vote for your faves.

*Ready to vote? Let’s do this!
Simply go to the Brooklyn Free Speech YouTube page (step 1 done ’cause you’re already here!). In the B Free Awards 2016: People’s Choice, VOTE TODAY! playlist, you’ll see the videos that have been submitted for this year’s awards show. Watch one or all of the videos and once you find a fave, click the “thumbs up/like button” and that’s it!

Is there a limit to the number of videos I can vote for?
–No! There is no limit. Vote for as many videos as you’d like.

When did voting open?
–Voting opened Friday, March 11, 2016, 7PM

When does voting for B Free Awards People’s Choice close?
–Voting closes B Free Awards day, Saturday, April 2, 2016, 7:30PM SHARP

Have more questions? We love questions! Please email us at

*Important Note: You must have a Gmail account in order to vote.

Brooklyn Free Speech is the presenter of the 3rd Annual B FREE AWARDS, an awards show that celebrates excellence in programming on its three Brooklyn Free Speech channels.

About Real Fans Real Talk
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Our premiere, state-of-the-art media center is for filmmakers, television artists, and organizations to learn and create innovative media. Every week on our three Public Access television channels, we showcase over 650 hours of TV shows, films, and shorts created by Brooklyn-based community producers that reflect their perspectives on the

Through our media education program we teach close to 2,500 students annually giving them access to free and low-cost media education courses so that they can further their television and film dreams.

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