Ring Respect Radio The History Of The National Wrestling Alliance NWA

#NWA The National Wrestling Alliance has one of the richest storied histories in professional wrestling. On this very special episode of Ring Respect Radio hosts Bobby Munson and Papa Smokes talk all things NWA.

Recent news saw reports claiming that William Patrick (Billy) Corgan, was looking to shut down the NWA, however Corgan took to Instagram to report that these claims were not true. On this episode of Ring Respect Radio find out the full story and more.

The history of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) dates back a long way and has seen many of the best wrestlers in history hold their prestigious championship. A history of the wrestlers, the broadcasts, and the champions. Join us in learning about the company that helped to pave the way for professional wrestling.

On the show we also discuss #NWAPowerrr and our thoughts on current NWA Champion Nick Aldis. Nick Aldis currently on a legendary run as the real world champion and holds himself up among other legends of the National Wrestling Alliance.


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